Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Magnum Pop-Up Store

Its been a while since I've blogged but with so many new treats and little gems of Cape Town being explored I hardly think its fair to not share it with the rest of you.

I heard about the Magnum PopUp store by a cousin of my cousin in Johannesburg who was raving about the success it had that side of the world. I love it when people make me excited for something waaay before the time but really loathe the waiting part. SO to celebrate their 25th anniversary MagnumSA brought the PopUp shop to CapeTown because :

1. Cape town is the place to be.
2. Cape Town has Smiley Aleem.
3. Choclate and Ice cream almost always ends in happiness.

So we headed off to Cavendish Square and I Literally walked pass the store. For a sunday afternoon I wouldve assumed there would be a long line as all the previous people have been complaining about but i literally walked in and got my to the cashier immediatly. I was starting to think that it was waay too easy. The store is located on the floor that the food court is and if you going up the escalators you really cant miss it (even though i did).

R40 gets you in and then the process starts. You have a variety of assorted toppings to choose from including nuts, fruits, choclates, biscuits and even chillies which I would assume should make an interesting combo.

I opted for the Caramel Cashews, Macadamian nuts and a special mix which were basicly oreos (did someone say YUM!??) Dipped in classic Magnum Choclate and topped with a drizzle of Magnum White chocolate.  The little magnum logo was the cherry on top.
I loved that there were different places in store to take that Royal Magnum selfie or a pretty picture of your masterpeice.

In my opinion I think it would've been so much more awesome if i got to do the dipping and topping myself but i can imagine what a mess the stations would look like if everyone did their owm. 

I do however think that this is over rated (dont shoot me!) but its about the experiance i guess and Magnums are pure decadence. Its well worth it.
*gets into car to go buy a Magnum*
Let me know what you think. If you've been or plan on going.

Smiley Aleem